Perhaps you have an existing business that needs more space.  Developing a corporate line of credit is the perfect solution to lay hold of the cash you need to make the next vital step in the evolution of your business. Peak Funding will build a “Business Credit Blueprint” for you so you can secure the capital you need!

It’s easier than you think!  Just fill out our Business Credit Qualification form for FREE!  It costs you nothing for an evaluation.  You may qualify for $50,000 or more without risking your personal credit.  Talk to one of our corporate credit consultants today!


All of us have heard the term “it takes money to make money”.  Unfortunately many times in  business that statement is true.  Are you a vendor in need of better wholesale pricing from volume discounts?  Now you have the buying power you need.  IRG Capital will help you secure corporate lines of credit that will enable you to better compete in today’s competitive retail environment.


Automating systems through equipment upgrades helps streamline workflow positively impacting your bottom line!  The more efficient you can become the faster you can create satisfied customers and the more customers you can service.

Are you lacking the capital to purchase more efficient equipment?  We can help you secure the capital you need to equip your business right.  Call us today to talk with one of our Corporate Credit Counselors!