The Corporation:

A corporation is considered a legal person by definition.  It’s tax ID number is the equivalent of a social security number.Peak Funding consults on building your corporate “SSN” into a 800+ Fico for business.

This “Corporate Fico” will allow you to secure  $50,000 or more in corporate lines of credit for your business.  Check out our corporate loan sheet to see for yourself.

Once you Have That Money We Can Show You How To Do Four Things

  • How to always have Cash. You will learn the technique yourself and have a coach to guide you through for the rest of your life.
  • How to take that cash and turn into and income for you and your family and using legal tax rules to keep most if not all of it.
  • Protect your Assets
  • Save on your personal taxes

Additional Advantages To Owning A Corporation


“Shareholders In A Corporation Are Not Liable For Corporate Debts”

This is the most important attribute of a corporation. If you own your own business your are personally responsible for business debts. If the assets of the sole proprietorship or partnership cannot satisfy the debt, creditors can go after each owner’s personal bank account, house, etc. to make up the difference. On the other hand, if a corporation runs out of funds, its owners are usually not liable. Which means that your $50,000 line of credit; used appropriately does not require you to personally pay it back.


A corporation has over 400 tax deductions that they can take. When you own your own corporation you will be able to take advantage of these very same deductions.  LetPeak Funding show you how to qualify.  Having more tax right offs is equivalent to earning more money.

Knowledge is power.  You owe it to yourself to put yourself in position to take advantage of these benefits.