How Banks Create Money:

Banks make money through depositors.  Let’s say you deposit $1,000 dollars in a bank.  That bank may lend up to 90% of that money out.  This process will repeat itself until $10,000 is generated in new monies.

What does that tell us? All money is loaned into existence and this is how through your corporation you will be able to essentially print money.

Passive Income for Corporate Partners:

Peak Funding is looking to work with 200 corporate partners to formulate our group buying pool.  The GBP gives us amazing purchasing power enabling us to participate in extremely lucrative ongoing opportunities. If you have $50,000 right now you can start generating passive income for your corporation while building your corporate line of credit.

As your credit lines come in, you can use your corporate line of credit to participate in these opportunities and pull your personal cash out.  This protects you from personal risk.

Creating Cash Flow With Peak:

In order to participate we insist that you incorporate.  Once you take this step, your Passive Income Through Group Buying Powercorporation can join our group buying pool. Our GBP buys on a global basis.  Purchasing in volume at wholesale prices enables us to create passive income from retail sales of goods.  The markup on these products is quite high, often times over 100%!

As we create profit from purchasing at deep discounts from group buying power, we share profits on a percentage basis with our partners.

Peak Funding buys and sells on a quarterly basis creating passive income for our joint venture partners every ninety days.