Build Your Wealth

The foundation of any fortune is an understanding of money,Peak Funding working alongside two hundred banks has the necessary insight you will need to start building your wealth the right way.

How do you Start?

How many millionaires are there in the world today?  There are approximately 24.2 million millionaires on the planet or more than the entire population of Australia. 41% of them live in the U.S., 10% in Japan and 3% in China.

In the United States about every four minutes a millionaire is created.
So how do so many people build wealth?

While there are many ways, one of the smartest ways used by Peak Funding is creating a “structure”.
You see as an individual your access to capital is limited to how good your personal credit happens to be or assets you posses. Which if you are building wealth you don’t have any yet…

As an individual you will be tax at the highest levels which further takes away your ability to invest in becoming wealthy.

An individual also has a hard time protecting what wealth they have accumulated, simply because their assets are subject to lawsuits and litigation.

The Answer to these challenges is to become a “corporate citizen” that is you incorporate yourself- by forming a corporation to take your place in the business world. AtPeak Funding we show you how to do that….

Go Into Business

Over 75% of the individuals that became millionaires did so by starting their own business.  Facts don’t change because we wish them to, the truth is, for most people to become wealthy they are going to have to go into business…

The question is how do you do it given the time commitment and the risks?
Peak Funding’s turn key systems allow you to go into business safely.  We know that although 99% of businesses fail, the remaining 1% can be found in franchises and Direct Sales companies.

Not only will we show you how to make money with the businesses but even if you were to operate the business as a paper “ loss , we will show you how you could still become wealthy.

Turning Taxes Into Profit:

Our biggest source of investment capital are taxes.  More than 35% of our income is absorbed in what we pay in taxes. Incorporating is the best way to mitigate your tax liability or completely eliminate it.

Through your corporation you can take advantage of the more then 400 tax write-offs that the government permits corporations.  If you maintain the same lifestyle while saving on taxes you can literally create a source of investment capital for you retirement.

Corporations allow you to create your own 401k;Peak Funding has many more strategies like this to help you reach your financial goals.