Design Your Perfect American Dream The Amercan Dream is alive and well. Peak Funding is helping thousands of Americans live a life of design through credit education and smart business solutions. Create Retirement Income With Peak Funding Request a free consultation today and draft your perfect "Business Credit Blueprint". There is freedom on the other side of this page.

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The foundation of any fortune is an understanding of money, Peak Funding working alongside two hundred banks has the necessary insight you will need to start building your wealth the right way.

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In the United States about every four minutes a millionaire is created.
So how do so many people build wealth?

About Peak

Founder and manager Tom Cellie founded Peak Funding through his experiences in the Personal Funding space.

“For years I taught folks how to use their FICO score to acquire funding upwards of 150K and along the way I made some incredible relationships.  As exciting as the personal funding business has been the corporate funding side of the industry creates even more opportunity for passive income with far less risk”

At my age I was looking for a retirement option that would allow me to let my boys run the restaurant so I could have more time for my ministry. Peak helped me accomplish that and also I have another income stream. My wife and I are very happy.

– Cesar Cortez

Because your team was so helpful in my equipment financing needs, I was able to open a new office and grow my practice by 37%. Without you that would not have been possible. I and my bank account, can’t thank you enough!

– Peter Concha

Wow, I can’t say how happy I am to have worked with you guys. I now have enough money to start up my business and the confidence I need to sleep well at night. Hopefully by this time next year I have double the amount of credit you have helped me obtain

– Harold Olsen

Excellence in providing financial solutions and vehicles through education and execution. We are proud to serve Americans in designing their future and always diligent in providing cutting edge solutions for our clients.